Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photographer Michael Zagaris remembers the early days of Chris Isaak

This article appeared in the art magazine, Lid #9, There are some great pictures in high definition printing of Chris Isaak in New York, I'm in one of them when I was called Mark Plummer, and managed Isaak's career. They were really fun days. We were living by the seat of our pants and making up the rules as we went along, as all artists do. I remember them fondly, as I do Chris. And Michael Zagaris is more than a photographer, he captures a story in every frame. That's why I asked him to shoot the cover for my novel Charlie Six, we remain dear friends and storytellers who can chin wag for hours and hours at a stretch.
Try find the Lid #9 it has great photos of Chris in his early days and an amazing photo-shoot that Kate Simons took of Madonna in her early days....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Charlie Six launch party

Charlie Six will be launched by Poppynoir with a reading in a North Beach Alley to be followed by a party at a bar to be disclosed on August 4. If you can guess the alley send us an email and I'll send you an autographed novel. But the contest must end with the first three winners. Who I will announce immediately...  brixton key

Friday, June 17, 2011

Great new blurb from Eamon Carr, Dublin Evening Herald

"Finally, my Beatle boots took me off to the local..." This Brixton Key geezer knows the score. What made the world go round before love was found in the Swingin' Sixties? Purple hearted amphetamine and a funky-butt, bam-a-lam cascade of 45s electrifying the site specific generation that ran dancin’ in a parallel universe to the deadly Kray twins. Believe me, that's what blew the lid off smoky old London town. Music. On this evidence, Brixton Key was more than there, eagle-eyed, itchy-fingered, blocked and hot to trot. This cat puts the peepshow peeps back into Samuel Pepys (check him out!)…a Boswell for our times, Brixton connects the micro dots between the smash'n'grab worlds of notorious criminal Mad Frankie Fraser and Mr. Charlie Watts, the snazziest dressed jazz drummer in England, never forgetting the miniskirt fashion visionary Mary Quant. Natch, Fabs mentor Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog ("Ten knicker to you, mate"). With prose as sharp as Twiggy's cheekbones, louder than Pete Townshend’s powerchords and more lyrical than a Soho corner beat poet, Brixton Key tells a story that’s fresher than time discovered in capsules Quatermass. Speedy. And, just one more thing, "wham bam, thank you, mam" ain't no rhyming Cockney slang. That's Brixton Key. You’ll dig him.”  Eamon Carr, Dublin Evening Herald, Choice FM radio, and drummer supreme.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Charlie Six Bookmark

Here's the new Charlie Six Bookmark
another great Gabe Wexler design
your address and they'll mail you a couple
Thanks Brixton Key

Friday, June 3, 2011

Michelle Murphy, author Jackknife and Light, about Charlie Six

‘Charlie Six’ can’t help but grab your attention with its intoxicating evocation of family & the Sixes exaggerated entourage.  Replete with hard earned, gin soaked humor, and drenched in the smells of and sights of 60’s England, Brixton Key’s vernacular is impossible to mimic; a cocktail of high and low, poetic and gritty.  Here it is, the real thing.  A love letter to a particular time and the characters that lived it, all balls out. - Michelle Murphy, Jackknife and Light,