Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photographer Michael Zagaris remembers the early days of Chris Isaak

This article appeared in the art magazine, Lid #9, There are some great pictures in high definition printing of Chris Isaak in New York, I'm in one of them when I was called Mark Plummer, and managed Isaak's career. They were really fun days. We were living by the seat of our pants and making up the rules as we went along, as all artists do. I remember them fondly, as I do Chris. And Michael Zagaris is more than a photographer, he captures a story in every frame. That's why I asked him to shoot the cover for my novel Charlie Six, we remain dear friends and storytellers who can chin wag for hours and hours at a stretch.
Try find the Lid #9 it has great photos of Chris in his early days and an amazing photo-shoot that Kate Simons took of Madonna in her early days....

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