Thursday, September 29, 2011

.............The Charlie Six Chinatown Reading .........

    "Four Chinese men were noisily playing Mahjong in the Private room by the kitchen at Wong's when I sat down to supper with Morris. They were all chain-smoking State Express 555's and knocking back Johnny Walker in bucketfuls, with excitement or dread as their winnings went up or down. Morris was as wrapped up in the game as the players themselves. He grimaced, saying "ouch" under his breath when one of them, a waiter with gravy stains on his grubby white nylon shirt, lost twenty quid turning up the wrong tile. His fellow gamblers all joshed him. Joining them with a good hearted  laugh faking like he was crestfallen, he slammed down another tile winning back twice as much from an impeccably dressed man with damp showing through the armpits of his tailored white silk shirt."     Charlie Six 


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