Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blown Up Like Al Capone

I've been editing a bunch of Charlie Six videos with my friend Larry "Trousers" Drabble. He's cool with the moving montage. The videos are for a promotion via Kindle for next month. In the meantime we had a great reading by my Claudia Holmes from the chapter "Blown up like Al Capone," which didn't quite fit into the series of readings by Max Harley Rogerson. It was put aside until Freddie Fable popped in to see me on a business trip to San Francisco from London. Freddie loves mobsters being a bit of a wide boy himself. He reckons I modeled Spider after him, which is weird as Spider is Jamaican and Freddie's paler than newspaper. Still he's deft with the video cut and after polishing off a couple of bottle of Charles Shaw he banged this together with some great music by Pippa Lang and John McManus for the soundtrack.

Here it is

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