Friday, April 20, 2012


The Trinity Place Birthday Reading with Brixton Key.
To celebrate my birthday I’d thought it would be fun to read on Friday, May 4th, in Trinity Place, downtown San Francisco, outside the G.F. Wilkinson Book and Ephemera Kiosk at 7PM. Afterwards they’ll be a party at a downtown bar where the drinks and stories will flow.

The same day my novel, Charlie Six, will be available for a free down from Amazon Kindle for five days to thank everyone whose bought the book, and would now like a Kindle version. And if you didn’t buy the book, it will still be free on Amazon Kindle to download from Friday May 4th, through May 8th.

34 Trinity Place is near Bush and Montgomery Streets.  
 Here’s a link to Mr. Wilkinson’s fabulously unique store.

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